A Growing Demand For Funeral Order Of Service

Funeral Booklets
Funeral Booklets

A Funeral Order of Service also called a Funeral Booklet, is a customised document that outlines the key points of a funeral, achievements of the deceased and the order of rituals that would be carried out at the event.

In recent years, people are now approaching the funeral planning in a more progressive manner than before. Due to added convenience, there has been an increase in demand for Memorial Booklets. Farewell Services offers customisation, printing and delivery of ‘Funeral Booklets’ across major cities of Australia.

The booklet is usually a 4-page document with the photograph of the deceased on the cover along with the date of birth, date of death, location and time of service. The second page usually contains a poem or prayer for the deceased. The third page highlights the Funeral Order of Service for the attendees and the last page has expressions of gratitude in the form of a message from the family to those who have offered their support to them.

Changing Times – Lovable Memories

The trend has now changed towards Celebration of the life of your loved ones. This is the reason why rituals include music, hymns, and poems to highlight the memories of a dearly departed. Most importantly, the emphasis is on capturing your loved one’s memories and achievements in life. This also enlightens us how important and beloved someone was and will continue to be. Including such details would give value to the meaningful life you intend to celebrate.

These changes have enabled Farewell Services to provide a service that is completely unique to the individual that has passed away. Our services are easily accessible through the internet via an easy online ordering system that offers customisation of design on the spot with photos and text to enhance the look of the booklet.

We offer our clients to choose the design of our site, customise the booklet and place an order. Our aim is to produce your memories on the best quality paper along with an affordable price tag.

“We have a customer-friendly platform that also promises a 48-hour timely delivery service to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth”

Another significant reason for the growing demand is the aspect of keeping the Funeral Template as a physical reminder of the person and funeral. The photos and achievements of the deceased would keep us remembering the best of our loved ones in the years to come.

Memorial Booklets fulfil the functional side of providing the event details to the guests and also make them feel a part of the event. It can also be sent to those who are not able to make it to the event.

Let Farewell Services assist you with the planning of a memorable goodbye of your loved one in the most special way. Call us now at 1800 080 700 for more details.

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