How To Create Beautiful Memorial Booklets?

Memorial Booklet
Memorial Booklet

Memorial Booklets are a way to honour and commemorate the life of a loved one. They not only serve the purpose of providing information about the funeral service but also act as a reminder of the loved one. It is important to create a booklet that is beautiful in both design and content to rightfully honour the memories of the beloved person. After all, the Memorial Booklet will act as a source for everyone to look back at the funeral and always keep the loved one in their hearts. Here are the steps you need to follow to create a beautiful Memorial Booklet:

Choose Your Design

The first step is to pick the right design for your Funeral Booklets. You can choose any design from our inventory or even ask us to create a new one according to your liking. To make the Booklet aesthetically pleasing, you should pick a design that has a simple yet eye-catching layout. If the layout is too over-the-top or too simple it might take away from the purpose of the Booklet.

The design you pick should fit the purpose and have traits that resemble the personality of the beloved person whose memory it is commemorating. To do so, you can choose a black & white layout or one in colour, for example.

Customise Your Booklet

The next step is to customise the content of your booklet to tailor it for the memory of your loved one. You first need to select the photographs that need to go into the Booklet. Decide if you want more than one and pick which one will appear on the front of the Booklet.

Depending on how you want the beloved person to be remembered, you can pick a photograph of them smiling, lost in thought, or doing any other action. The key is that the photograph should be good quality and uploaded as a JPEG for it to look beautiful once printed.

You then need to customise the text that will go into the booklet. First, you must include information about the Funeral Services, including the location, date, time and any other details about the procession. You may then choose to add other content to cherish and honour the life of the loved one.

Quotes and poems can be used to add meaning and help in the healing process. Stories from the life of the beloved can also be added to showcase their loving personality along with messages from loved ones as their final goodbyes.

Place Your Order

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