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Memorial Order of Service
Memorial Order of Service

The memories we make in our lifetime are the only thing that lasts forever. When a loved one passes, the memories we have with them are all that we are left with. These memories may be in the form of photographs, letters, videos, personal belongings and words of wisdom. But when we say our final goodbye to the beloved, there should be a way to commit that moment to memory too.

In Loving “Memory Funeral Booklets” are those keepsakes that become our final memory of the one who has passed. It is what reminds us of the loved one when years have gone by and a beautifully designed memorial booklet will always reflect the life and character of the beloved.

What Funeral Booklets Consist Of?

A Funeral Order of Service Booklet is a special document designed for the memorial that highlights the order of rituals that will take place at the funeral. It is usually a four-page document printed on high-quality stock distributed to the guests at the funeral.

The function of the booklet is to act as a guide to the procession for the guests and it is also a way to commemorate the life of the beloved. The Funeral Order of Service template is something like this:

Page 1: The first page is usually a simple cover for the booklet that consists of a photograph of the deceased or a background photo along with the title, name and birth and death date. You can also include the details of the memorial, including the date, time and place.

Page 2: This page is usually where a small prayer, hymn or poem is included in memory of the loved one. You can also include photographs to create a more visual representation.

Page 3: The third page is where the Order of Service is included which informs the guests of what will happen and when so that they can be prepared at all times.

Page 4: The last page that appears on the back cover is where a thank you message is included to express gratitude to all the guests for being a part of the ceremony.

Beautiful Customised Memorial Booklets

Memorial Booklets are customised according to your liking from start to finish. Firstly, the Funeral Order of Service template that you choose should be one that you think fits the purpose and will be most representative of the deceased.

There are a wide range of designs to choose from when you Shop online FUNERAL BOOKLETS from Farewell Services, with different themes such as floral, religious, landscape and more. You can select a theme based on what the beloved liked, for example, their favourite place, as a nature lover could be the mountains or a beautiful field.

Secondly, the layout you select will determine how much information to include and where this information will be placed. You can select either a simple layout with little text and fewer photographs or a more complex one with photo collages and long text passages. It all depends on how you want the loved one to be remembered and what memories you want to attach to the funeral booklet.

The sentimental value attached with a funeral booklet is what makes it so special. This is a time when the family and friends of the beloved come together to commemorate the life of the loved one. Extra love and care go into the making of this booklet and we are glad that we are able to play a part in helping you make this keepsake.

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Let us create one last loving memory of your loved ones.

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