Making a funeral more personal with a theme

While funerals are difficult occasions, they can be used as an opportunity to celebrate a person’s life as much as mourn their departure. Creating a theme is one of the easiest ways to do this. When we refer to a theme, we don’t mean costumes or anything garish (unless that represents your loved one’s personality). Building on our previous blog on making your loved one’s funeral unique, we’re talking about bringing the deceased’s passions to the fore in every element of a funeral - from the decorations to the funeral booklets and memorial cards. Let’s discuss a couple of examples to inspire you to give your friend or family member the best send-off imaginable.

A creative soul If your loved one was a creative type, then express this through colour. You could enlist the services of a funeral stationer to create funeral stationery that is a vibrant expression of the deceased’s creativity - forget black or white; think bright colours and intricate design. You can reflect this in other aspects of the funeral, too. Flowers, for example, are a wonderful way to pay your respects while also adding vibrancy in a way that your loved one would have appreciated. If they loved to paint, for example, you could use the colours of the flowers to represent the rainbow of a paint palette.

The centre of attention Was your family member or friend the life and soul of a party? Did they fill whichever room they were in with laughter? Celebrate this by making it the theme. Play any video clips you have of them on a projector - or even a slideshow of photos of them having fun on nights out. Include their favourite jokes in the funeral order of service and play their favourite music (especially if it was upbeat). You could include paper streamers and balloons to add to the party feel in a way the departed would have loved. The key thing to remember with any funeral theme is to make it thoroughly representative of your loved one. If they loved cookery, you could lay the funeral booklets out like a recipe book, for example. Were they always out on walks or hikes? Perhaps you could bring a walking map of their local area, so guests can write on it all the happy memories they’ve shared with the deceased in all the locations they spent time together in.

Whatever theme you decide on, funeral stationery is a surefire way to integrate a theme beautifully into a funeral. Why not get in touch with the team at Farewell Services today to find out more about how we can help you?

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