Remember Your Loved Ones with an Order of Service or Funeral Booklet

Memorial Booklets
Memorial Booklets

When someone is important to us, we remember them. We remember the good times we shared. We remember the bad. And after their passing, we remember saying goodbye at their funeral. To commemorate our memories we hold on to keepsakes, photos and other souvenirs. But, how can we hold on to the final farewell?

An Order of Service or Funeral Booklet can be that special reminder of both the funeral and the beloved person. Tastefully composed of personal traits, treasured stories, and words of wisdom, the funeral booklet is something we can take home, treasure, and look back over when we miss the ones we’ve lost.

What Is an Order of Service Booklet?

The Order of Service Booklet also called the funeral or memorial booklet is a personalised collection of photographs and memories that sit alongside the outline of the funeral service. Just as every person is different, every Order of Service booklet contains different details. We use it to showcase just how incredible, influential, and loved someone was and will continue to be. When we attend a funeral, we can use the “Memorial Booklet” to follow the funeral processions. It helps us better understand the readings, practices and traditions that take place. The Order of Service booklet has both functional and emotional value. It’s vital that the information and photographs inside are of the highest quality. After all, you and the funeral guests will revisit the BOOKLET for years to come.

The Funeral Booklet as a Keepsake

Photographs capture memories that last a lifetime. Cherished stories paint a picture of someone’s character, resilience, and compassion. We share these intimate snippets with our closest companions in the funeral booklet, which becomes a keepsake, a physical reminder of the person and the funeral.

For those who are unable to attend the funeral, sending a ‘Funeral Order of Service Booklet’ by mail is a beautiful gesture that will help them through their healing process. It makes them feel a part of the final goodbye.

When you plan a funeral, draw on the significance the deceased has had on your life. Get help from their family and friends. Include quotes, photographs, pictures, stories, and other personal touches to create an Order of Service booklet that does justice to the meaningful life you are celebrating. The printing and paper quality should be of a high standard, so the booklet stands the test of time.

The Funeral Booklet as a Service Outline

Of course, the funeral booklet has immeasurable sentimental value. That is the most important thing. But it also helps ensure funeral guests are timely, and at the correct venue for the service and following events. The memorial booklet helps to let people know what to expect at such a sensitive time.

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