Things To Include In Order Of Service For Funerals

Here is a list of some interesting things that might take more work and time to put together but they are always very much appreciated.

1. Timeline - a great way to highlight achievements and struggles

A timeline of the life of the deceased is a great yet such a simple and outstanding feature in any Funeral Service Booklet. Add an important event in the year and a very short description of that event. For example, when the deceased graduated and how good he/she was in sports or academics. From the undertakers to the mourners, everyone at the funeral will be intrigued by this. Though it might take a little time in work and research, but it would be well worth it.

2. Avoid the word ‘funeral’

On the Order of Service, the word ‘funeral’ is often awkward and makes the occasion even more depressing - if that’s possible. It is recommended to avoid it wherever possible. Similarly, avoid using words, like deceased or dead. Refer to the deceased by their name. Talk about how they lived and not how they died.

3. Vary the font

To make the page look more good and make things more obvious, use different fonts on the same page. For example, use different fonts for the title and for the main body. To give it more life and make it more interesting to look at, use different font sizes and types to make it easier to read.

But do not overdo it, use a couple of different fonts on any one page. Too many different fonts together can look messy.

4. Simple fonts

Avoid fancy fonts like pretty swirly fonts that imitate calligraphy. You do not want to give the impression of trying hard to make the order of service fancy and formal. Also, they could be difficult to be read by elderly. Simple fonts are easier to read and look nice, as well.

5. Clean cohesion

Keep things simple and neat. Too much of colour use and styles can make things harder to understand. Keep a white and black theme instead. Or any other neutral colours. However, if your beloved was a person fond of colours, why not splash them all around? After all, it’s all about giving them one last farewell.

6. Extra pictures

Adding a photo of the deceased at the end or in the middle of a section is a nice touch. This might push up the price of the printing but like the timeline, it is a very personal thing that conveys the personality of the deceased.

7. Style of the first picture

The image you put on the front page should convey a message about the deceased. If the deceased was a farmer, a nice candid photo in a farm would be best.

8. Alternative bindings

Instead of using staples, try a ribbon down the spine. However, do not forget to always keep it simple. Too many bows or multiple ribbons can look tacky.
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