Why Have A Personalised Funeral Order Of Service Booklet

Funeral Order of Services
Funeral Order of Services

A Funeral Order of Service Booklet is a customised printed document that highlights the main aspects of the funeral service and mentions the order of rituals that would be carried for the deceased. It is usually a 4-page document that not only focuses on the Order of Funeral processions but also has photographs and memories of the deceased to make the event memorable for friends and family.

  1. The usual format of the Booklet consists of the deceased’s photograph on the Cover page along with the date of birth, date of death, location and time of service.
  2. The second page typically contains a poem, reading or a prayer for the deceased.
  3. The third page has the Order of Service.
  4. and the final page has expressions of gratitude from the family to all those who had extended their support to them in the difficult time.

Dealing with a beloved’s death is not easy and can have a major impact on the loved ones. It is indeed irreversible but organising a funeral order of service booklet can add to the importance of the deceased’s final farewell.

“Every individual is different; let us create a personalised Booklet focusing on your cherished stories and memories”

The Order of Service highlights the sequence of the funeral, which makes it easy for the attendees to understand the readings and the practices that take place. It also encourages the attendees to follow and sing the poems and at the same time helps to understand the readings and tributes.

A Smooth And Memorable Farewell

The Order of Service will make the procession easy and smooth for the family as well for the guests. It is a great way to involve everyone in the funeral process in order to create a sense of belonging and to pay a tribute their lost one.

The Booklet does not only have a functional value but also an emotional value attached to it. It can be taken home and cherished even after years. This will make the funeral memorable along with the deceased individual. The memorable stories can help in the healing process of the immediate family and can make them review the Booklet as much as they want in the future.

A lasting memory…

It can also be sent to those who are not able to attend the funeral. The Booklet can either be mailed to them as a gesture or can be given by hand. This would make them feel a part of the event which would create a sense of belonging to the deceased.

Creation of the Booklet not only brings people together but also makes sure that the best memories are written into history. A collection of photos and memories helps everyone feel involved in the final process of remembering your loved one – one more step toward closure.

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